WCNA 2018 Budapest



Organizers provide 4 workshop topics for the participants, please find below their short descriptions. Please note that the participant’s number is limited to 30 per workshop.

Airway Management / Difficult Airway

In a nurse anesthetists’ life, one of the most important task is to achieve a safe airway. This workshop will give you possibilities to practice how to ensure proper airway with several equipment in different situations for any kind of patients. You will be able to ask, discuss and practice individually.


Everybody has to know how to start reanimation but during this workshop you will be able to improve your skills, to learn and practice the newest guidelines. You will have enough time to practice and discuss your experiences with other professionals.

Regional Anesthesia

In regional anesthesia, the anesthetic is injected close to a nerve, a bundle of nerves, or the spinal cord. Skill and experience are needed to inject the anesthetic at the proper location, because the site of injection has a significant impact on its effect. Careful technique is needed to reduce the risk of rare complications, such as infection or nerve damage. Do not miss this opportunity to practice!

Haemostasis – Point-of-care

Monitoring intra- and postoperative coagulation is essential in diagnosing, preventing complications and in a successful recovery. The workshop provides an opportunity to expand your theoretical and practical knowledge of haemostasis.